ELI5: The Various Types of Joins in SQL

One of the things you'll need to use the most when writing stored procedures and views in SQL are joins. These allow you to retrieve data from multiple tables at once. This article will be mostly focusing on T-SQL and SQL Server Management Studio. From my experience people can get slightly overwhelmed by the numbers … Continue reading ELI5: The Various Types of Joins in SQL


Reverse Engineering Command-Line Commands

As someone who still has a lot to learn about using the command line, I find it all too easy to just Google my problem then blindly copy the results. It's only recently that I've invested some time and energy into working out exactly what's going on with each argument to firstly make sure that … Continue reading Reverse Engineering Command-Line Commands

How and why: Normalize your Data

When we talk about normalizing data within a database we really just mean that we're organizing our data properly in order to make our database run more efficiently and reduce needless duplication. We can put our data through 5 different levels of organization, which we call "forms". Basic rules for normalization: Each table should have … Continue reading How and why: Normalize your Data

How to design when you’re not a designer

One of the common problems with being a developer who creates a website or application from start to finish is that developers, like most human beings, often are stronger in some areas than others. A lot of coders who are in their element setting up the back end of a website fall over when it … Continue reading How to design when you’re not a designer